Shipping Policy

Shipping policy

At ColorToes our goal is to offer you the best shipping options, no matter where you live. We deliver to thousands of customers across the world, ensuring that we provide the very highest levels of quality to you at all times.

The time frame for order delivery is divided into two parts:

    Processing/Production time: Order verification, shoe sourcing, customisation, quality check and packaging. All orders received and production time begins. Our production time is an estimated 1-2 weeks before dispatch. This time may vary depending on the order volume at the time of order and is just an estimation. During this period of time we are sourcing your sneakers, waiting for them to get to us and hand-crafting your custom pair. We then get your package ready for dispatch.
    Shipping time: This refers to the time it takes for items to be shipped from ColorToes once customisation is completed to the destination. Delivery time varies depending on location. Here is an estimated rough guide and timeframe of when orders may be expected to arrive after dispatch. After receiving an order shipped email please allow a few days for the tracking to update.


WorldWide- 14-21 Days

For any other countries, please email us at so we can provide an accurate delivery time.

Your item will be shipped with the original Nike Box in a mailing bag. Please note that we only provide the box for extra protection during transit. Any damage to the box is out of our control. If you’d like your order to be packaged in a cardboard box please email us and we will try to accommodate your needs.

Our shipping timeframe is just an estimation and is subject to change due to factors such as public holidays, weather delays, and unforeseen circumstances.

Here at ColorToes, we offer customers the opportunity to add Shipping Insurance to their order at checkout via the ‘Route’ service. For a small fee based on the amount that your cart total, Route will insure your items from theft, loss, or damage caused during transit and will cover the cost of a replacement in the event that happens to your delivery.

This service is automatically enabled by default when you add anything to your cart for your convenience, however, although we strongly advise against it, you can disable this option if you do not wish for your items to be covered during transit.

In the event the customer has chosen not to cover their delivery with the Route insurance, we are unable to take any responsibility for any theft, loss, or damage that may occur during transit. This is why we strongly recommend always covering your order with Route Shipping Insurance.

We do not offer refunds if you have changed your mind, failed to track your parcel resulting in longer shipment time, failed to pickup your parcel resulting in your parcel being marked “returned to sender” and/or your parcel being marked “returned to sender” due to refusal to pay import fees.

Tracking your parcel:

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are staying up to date with your tracking details. We do not individually track orders on your behalf. We provide a tracking number which is sent out in a “order shipped” email at the time your order has been dispatched. If your parcel is marked “attempted delivery” it is your responsibility to follow the steps provided by the courier. The courier may leave an attempted delivery slip/card. However this is not always the case which is why we recommend monitoring your parcel with your provided tracking number. In most cases you will need to contact your local postal provider in which you need to organise to pickup within a reasonable time before the parcel gets marked as “returned to sender”. Please read our “returned to sender” section below.

Returned to sender

If your order is marked as "returned to sender" and shipped back to us, you will be liable for any costs related to the re-shipment of your order and will be emailed an invoice.

If you receive a card/slip requesting a pickup from your local newsagency or post office,  it is your responsibility to pick the parcel up within a reasonable time. If your parcel is marked "returned to sender" due to failure to pick up the parcel within the timeframe, you will be liable for the costs of re-shipment.

Partially fulfilled orders:

In some cases we may partially fulfill your order, this can result in your order being delivered in separate shipments.

Missing or lost packages:

If you believe your item is missing or lost we do encourage you to check your premises carefully as the courier may have left it in a safe place. In some instances, your parcel may have been left with a neighbour. The courier may have left a slip for redelivery or requested that you pick up your parcel at your local post office.

In the case that your delivery has been marked "delivered", please contact us after 2 business days and before 10 days from the date the package was marked "delivered"

You have 48 hours from the time of your delivery being marked "delivered" to contact us regarding missing or lost packages.

If you have purchased Route+ package protection, please refer to "Route+ Package Protection" on this page for further information.

For International Deliveries:

By purchasing our products you agree that you are responsible for any fees and expenses associated with importing and sending your order internationally. Please note that some countries require customers to pay an amount for tax & duty. Please look into your countries customs tax and duty costs.  In the event that your order is marked as "returned to sender" and shipped back to us, you will be liable for any costs related to the re-shipment of your order and will be emailed an invoice.


Route+ Package Protection:

By selecting Route+ at checkout your order will be protected from damage, loss*, or theft. In the unfortunate event that your order never comes or is broken upon arrival, you can easily file a claim with Route and receive a replacement or be fully reimbursed. We are excited to offer this service to you and highly recommended you use Route+ package protection at checkout.

Claim Filing Requirements:

All issues must be reported within 60 days of the order date. It is your responsibility to stay up to date with the whereabouts of your parcel.

It is understood and agreed that the following timelines for claims transmittal must be adhered to in order for a claims to be processed, ColorToes is not liable for any claims not processed within this timeline:

    Claims for packages marked “ delivered must be filed after 5 days and before 15 days from the date the packaged was marked “ delivered.”

    Claims for packages presumed to be lost (where the status is not “delivered”) must be filed after 7 days (20 for international) and within 30 days from the last checkpoint.

    Concealed Damage Losses – any loss or damage found upon the opening of original shipping packages at the final destination, but not exceeding Seventy-Two (72) hours after delivery confirmation at the final destination, shall be adjusted and paid by this coverage in the same manner as though the original shipping package had been opened immediately upon their arrival, provided such losses would have been otherwise recoverable under the terms of this coverage. Nevertheless, any packages showing visible signs of external damage are to be opened and examined immediately upon arrival and any such losses shall be reported in accordance with the claims procedures included in this coverage.

    Porch Piracy Coverage – if a package is confirmed to have been delivered to the final destination, but it is discovered that the package has been stolen or is missing, the Assured must file a claim with Underwriters within 24 hours of the date and time of the delivery confirmation. It is a requirement under this coverage that a police report be filed with local authorities within 48 hours of the date and time of the delivery confirmation with proof of filing to be provided to Underwriters. If video monitoring is in place, a copy of the video is to be provided to Underwriters within 48 hours of the date and time of the delivery confirmation. Once the police report becomes available, a copy is to be provided to the Underwriters.

*Claims for packages marked "delivered" yet not received and where there is no evidence of “porch piracy” must be made 5 days after “delivery date” but no longer than 15 days to ensure it was not misdelivered or easily found around the premises." Claims for packages presumed to be lost (where the status is not "delivered") must be filed after 7 days (20 days for international) and within 30 days from the last checkpoint. *refer to "route+ package protection" on this page for detailed information on claiming.

Please Contact Us If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns