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Rose Designed Sneakers

Rose Designed Sneakers

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A personalized, bright and high-quality gift for yourself and for everyone for Birthday, Christmas and any other day of the year. We, as a campaign with three years of experience, like no one else know what you need. Quality and style are the two goals of our product. But as a simple person, I know how difficult it is to choose sneakers that will please just for myself, that's why we made Custom Air force one. We are here with our many years of experience to provide you with a quality product with fast delivery at a good price.
Today we have more than two hundred ready-made pairs, we have a fairly high season in our country, and we stock up in advance, so in most cases your sneakers will be sent in 1-2 days after you duplicate your order. then we will gladly ship your sneakers four days after the order is posted. Now the delivery time is up to two weeks. If you have any difficulties with the order, you can always write to us, and we will solve this problem. You can read more about our rules in the FAQ of our store.
To better satisfy your requests, we are available from Monday to Saturday, from 9.30 a.m. to 8 p.m., by email or on the online chat (Whatsapp).
We recommend doing a traditional hand wash with a damp soapy cloth, without rubbing, to avoid weakening the layer of varnish that protects your drawings. Avoid greasy wipes, the machine is however not recommended. The most valuable advice our team can give you is taking care of your pair of CUSTOM SNEAKERS.